Secrets from a Web Developer: How to Boost Web Traffic

My website is amazing. Where’s the traffic? If you’ve got a good-looking, high-functioning website, you may be ready for all the visitors to show up at your digital door, perusing the contents of your website. Maybe that’s been happening for a while Use both inbound and outbound links Using links tastefully throughout your

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Help: Which Logo File Type Should I Use?

So many file types… Getting the “Final Design Files” email from the brand designer is such an exciting moment. It’s usually filled with awe and amazement, followed by a bit of a puzzled feeling. PNG, PDF, SVG…Why are there so many file types? Which logo file type should I use? Maybe you have

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How to go from Solopreneur to CEO

How do I make the jump? Running a business solo can feel both empowering and overwhelming.  Maybe you’re considering bringing in some help. Going from Solopreneur to CEO can feel like making a big jump between two boulders with a giant abyss underneath. We can sometimes feel frozen with an inability to move

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Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset – Which are You?

Mindset Matters If there’s anything we’ve learned in these last few years, it’s that our mindset affects our overall well-being and so much around us. No matter if we’re a solopreneur or leading a team, our mindset becomes apparent in our interactions with those around us, be it our clients or our team

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Website SEO in 2022

How do I boost my website SEO?  In an ever-changing world of “cyber rules,” knowing how to get a website to rank on Google is a common question. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re expected to know it all. SEO (search engine optimization) “rules” are ever-changing. It can feel overwhelming at times, but

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10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

How Can I Increase Website Traffic?  Having a great website that no one sees is like having a buffet ice cream sundae party with no friends. It’s no fun, and the experience is sub-par. So, here is a fun post giving 10 quick tips to increase traffic to your website. 1. Create meaningful

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8 Ways to Thrive in Business [Post-Pandemic]

Is Thriving Possible?  If there’s one thing we entrepreneurs know how to do, it’s rolling with the punches. After a while, though, it can wear on us. Going into yet another year of a “new normal” feels…weary. For those of us with kids, we’re still dealing with last-minute notifications that school or childcare

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My Story + Confronting Fear

Starting a business can be a really scary thing. And it’s magnified greatly if there is a financial obligation to provide for others! Confronting fear that might hold you back and preparing the way mentally for a successful business is one of the most valuable things you can do. (spoiler alert: if you

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Nine Tips for Business Success when Life is a Dumpster Fire

For many of us, 2020 and 2021 left some unexpected baggage at our doorstep, and unfortunately, there were no instructions included. Initially, for many, “business success” seemed to be replaced by “business survival.” We’ve had to figure it out as we go, lean on each other a little more, and come to terms

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