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Help: Which Logo File Type Should I Use?

So many file types…

Getting the “Final Design Files” email from the brand designer is such an exciting moment. It’s usually filled with awe and amazement, followed by a bit of a puzzled feeling. PNG, PDF, SVG…Why are there so many file types? Which logo file type should I use?

Maybe you have a website or social media page you’re itching to update, only to realize that you’re not sure which file type to pick.

This quick summary will break it down for you and help you understand where to use each file type.

  • PNG File– This logo file type measures in pixels-meaning that it generally has a small file size. The downside is that it blurs easily if blown up too large. PNG files are perfect for social media or web use. At Candid Creative, we make sure your PNG files have a transparent background when we export them, so if you’re needing to place your logo over an image or background, this option is especially useful. PNG files look great on websites and social media.


  • JPEG File – This logo file type also measures in pixels, but is generally larger than a PNG file. This format is perfect for photos and images because it does not compromise the image quality as much as a PNG file. JPEG files are also great for websites and social media, however, they do not have a transparent background.


  • PDF File – This logo file type opens easily and can be viewed by virtually any program on any computer. It works great for a preview and also for printing if no additional edits need to be made to the final product.


  • SVG File- This logo file type is a vector version that throws pixels out the window! It enlarges without compromising image quality. It can be printed on a small business card or on a billboard, and it will remain sharp and crisp. If you’re printing business collateral, this file type is handy to send to your printer!


A favi-what?

A favicon adds an extra notch of professionalism to your brand.  It is that little icon that pops up on your website browser tab when you access your website. Favicons are generally a symbol or reduced version of your logo. Ask us how you can get a favicon version of your logo!

A quick secret about a customized email signature…

Did you know that using a full-scale logo in your email signature will be too large? That could become cumbersome to clients trying to download large files every time they get an email from you. Ask us how to get a customized signature with a corresponding email-appropriate logo file version.

A final note

At Candid Creative we want to give you the best tools possible to excel in your business and educate you on how to best use them. We hope these tips for the best ways to use logo file types is both handy and informative.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the logo, check out our tips on how to drive traffic to your website!

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